Russians to get ‘neutral’ grey, red Olympic uniforms

The Olympic Athletes from Russia will be wearing grey and red at the upcoming Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Under an International Olympic Committee ruling last month that formally banned the Russia team, as many as 200 Russians could end up competing under the Olympic flag next month.

Russian sportswear company Zasport published on Thursday sketches of what it says are IOC-approved designs for the competitors, who will be officially known as Olympic Athletes from Russia.

There are winter coats, tracksuits, and hooded sweaters in grey, as well as an outfit in red with white stripes.

The designs, from the same company which was due to create uniforms for the Russian team before the ban, don’t bear any Russian flags.

IOC rules don’t allow the neutral uniforms to contain national symbols, so there’s a badge on the chest reading “Olympic Athletes from Russia.”

The logo proposed by the IOC features the complete phrase around a circle, with Russia upside down. (International Olympic Committee)

Zasport says Russian athletes will start receiving their uniforms on Monday. However, it’s far from clear who exactly is going to the Olympics from Russia. The IOC has an invitation-only process for Russian athletes with the aim of cutting out those who it believes were part of organized doping programs or coverups at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It wasn’t immediately clear which versions of the uniforms would be worn at the opening ceremony and the IOC did not immediately comment.

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